Our Products

Maxxon Gyp-Crete®

Floor underlayment
Gyp-Crete® Basic

A cost-effective solution for interior wood subfloors up to 2,200 psi.

Floor underlayment
Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily

The trusted choice for interior wood subfloors, delivering fire safety, sound attenuation and 2,000–3,200 psi.

Floor underlayment
Gyp-Crete® High Performance

Durable and versatile for modern, hard-surface floor coverings, including LVT with 3,000 - 4,000 psi.

Floor underlayment
Gyp-Crete® Radiant

Formulated specifically for in-floor heating with even heat distribution.

Floor underlayment
Rapid Floor® Basic

A cost-effective solution for interior wood subfloors up to 2,200 psi (15.2 MPa).

Floor underlayment
Rapid Floor® Multifamily

Ideal for interior wood subfloors, enhancing fire safety and sound attenuation and 2,000 - 3,200 psi (13.8 - 22.1 MPa).

Maxxon Acousti-Mat®

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 1/8

An economical, low-profile, entangled mesh mat, which can help meet IBC sound control.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 1/4

1/4 sound mat increases IIC and STC ratings over interior wood frame and concrete construction.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 1/4 Premium

1/4 Premium sound mat with an added layer of acoustical fabric for increased isolation.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 3/8

3/8" sound mat that creates ‘recommended’ or ‘preferred’ noise reduction.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 3/8 Premium

3/8" Premium sound mat with added layer of high-performance acoustical fabric for high-end multifamily projects.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 3/4

A 3/4" sound control mat to help insulate airborne and impact-based sound.

Sound control mat
Acousti-Mat® 3/4 Premium

Maxxon’s highest performance sound control mat.

Maxxon Underlayments & Patch

Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment
Level EZ™

A hydraulic, cement-based self-leveler for smoothing both gypsum and concrete subfloors.

Floor Underlayment
EZ Crete™

Underlayment for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior gypsum, concrete and lightweight concrete subfloors.

Deep Fill Underlayment
Low Density Fill™

An innovative, ultra-lightweight product made from proprietary cement and lightweight aggregate for deep fills.

Gyp-Fix EZ

A non-shrinking, high-strength, trowelable patch designed for preparing all subfloors.

Maxxon Commercial Pro

Floor underlayment

Cost-effective, high-strength underlayment for resurfacing rough, pitted and out-of-level concrete.

Floor underlayment

Self-leveling, hydraulic cement-based underlayment designed to flatten and smooth concrete slabs.